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Samurai Spirits Rokuban Shobu

Publisher: SNK Playmore
Platform: Wii, PlayStation 2
Genre: Fighting
Origin: Japan
Release: July 24, 2008


Here are some new images of SNK Playmore's fighting game compilation Samurai Spirits: Rokuban Shobu [Samurai Shodown Anthology], the game includes 6 titles in the series:

  • Samurai Spirits (1993)
  • Shin Samurai Spirits: Haomaru Jigokuhen (1994)
  • Samurai Spirits III Zankuro Musoken (1995)
  • Samurai Spirits IV Amakusa Korin (1996)
  • Samurai Spirits Zero (2003)
  • Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden (2005)

The PS2 version will support online battle via Multi-Match Broadband in Japan; while the Wii version will have a play & catch mini game in which you play as the animal characters.

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