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Final Fantasy & Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Bento

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
Origin: Japan
Release: Dec 18, 2012


Sony revealed its ultimate character project to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear series with Square Enix and Konami, which are bento boxes of the PlayStation 3 shape, Dual Shock controller shaped chopstick holder, and specially made bento food with characters of the two series.

The Final Fantasy Bento was made with egg, black and yellow seaweed, blue cheese slices, ham and soy sauce. The realistic looking Metal Gear Bento was made with shredded radish peel for the wigs, baked potato for the face and seaweed for the beard.

The fun looking Chocobo and Moogle bento was made of steamed rice, egg yolk, pickled carrots, plum, and dried lily flowers. The 25th Anniversary Bento was made with shaved dried gourd and inari sushi.