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Sony PlayStation Portable
1 Player
Developer - Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher - NIS America

My Bias
-I love the Disgaea universe
-I am easily amused by Prinnys
-2D platformers are one of my favorite genres

My Completion
-Beaten on standard difficutly

If you have no clue what this game is, Prinny CIRBTH is a side story game in the Disgaea universe. It stars a single Prinny, those lovable abused monsters that blow up if they touch something. The premise is that Master Etna has had her pudding stolen from her and orders the prinnys to go fetch her the Ultra Dessert to replace it. Of course the prinnys mention that it’s difficult and anyone who tries to make it dies. In response Etna gives one of the prinnys a red cape (which looks strangly like Laharls cape) which protects him from blowing up. The rest of the game is spent looking for all the ingredients needed to make the ultra dessert.

Notice how Etna couldn't care less about their saftey

This is a very comical game. Nothing serious happens throughout the entire storyline. As a pure comedy it works and I found myself laughing quite a few times. I absolutely love the dialog in this game. I liked it so much that it became the driving force behind wanting to beat levels, just to hear what happens next. I really love the prinny character and hearing them freak out and get abused makes me laugh. Etna and the other bosses of the game are constantly threatening Prinny and he always freaks out. For some reason I never get tired of that shtick.

It makes me laugh every single time

Prinny CIRBTH is a 2d platformer with sprites on a 3D environment. The sprite work is fantastic and I found myself being really impressed with both the level of detail and animation. Clothes blow in the wind, and of course all the busty women flop around.

The 3D environments look a little bland but still create a visually pleasing effect. I would have much preferred them to be hand drawn to the level of detail of the sprites. A lot of the foliage and backdrops look really nice, yet the actual ground and walls often look out of place.

Even though the 3D is hit or miss it does offer a nice subtle effect. Whenever you jump and throw blades from the air the camera pans around and shows you what is ahead of you. It’s nothing major and you can actually turn this off if it bothers you.

I was pretty surprised by the games soundtrack because for a spin off game most of it is really good. I love the use of wood instruments throughout the tracks and I it reminds me a lot of suped up classical music. The boss themes are also really well done and while nothing on a grand scale, still set the mood right.

♪ Green Labyrinth

This might be my favorite stage song and I really like how the song picks up about 50 seconds in.

♪ Tutorial Stage

This being the very first stage that you play this track made me realize I was in for a treat. It starts off really slow and then when the violin starts at 44 seconds in and at that moment I thought “Ok yeah, I need to get this soundtrack”.

♪ Hub World

The best way I can describe this track is that it’s very “disgaea-ish”. If you told me that this was a hidden/unreleased track from disgaea I would believe you. I really like the children’s choir in the background.

As mentioned above, Prinny CIRBTH is a 2D platformer. The controls are simple enough with the standard Jump, Attack, ect . Prinny moves very stiff much like the old NES Castlevania games and less like the Super Mario games. Like the old Castlevania games, you also have no control over Prinny in the air. This means that trying to time your jumps in the precise platforming sections is a really difficult task. Prinny has 2 methods of attacking, slashing and throwing blades. Slashing happens when you attack on the ground and prevents you from moving and to throw blades you attack in the air and Prinny will rain down glowing sword blades diagonally.

Prinny's blade throw attack is really awesome

I cannot emphasize this enough: Prinny Can I really be the Hero is the hardest platformer I have ever played. The game starts you with 1000 lives and you are going to need them. The amount of dangers that the game throws at you are insane and on standard difficulty Prinny can only be hit 4 times. This may not seem like a lot but between how much stuff comes at you and how immobile Prinny is it becomes very hard. Most of the time you will die by falling off the edge from knockback after a monster hits you. You will go through lives like water in this game, often losing 3-4 lives within a single minute. I’m not sure what happens at the end of the 1000 lives (I beat it with 657 left), I assume it’s game over. Which means if you find you are dying a lot (like more than 100 times a stage) then you will never beat the game.

I also have another forewarning for anyone interested in this game: You need to be able to tap buttons fast. It really makes me wonder what the developers were thinking when they made this game because the rate at which you absolutely need to tap the attack button is abnormal. Personally I have a unique talent where I can tense up my arm, causing my muscles to shake, and in turn tap buttons at an accelerated rate. I’ve only met a few people in my entire life that can do this which is why I find it surprising that this game requires buttons to be pressed so fast. I beat the last boss with only 40 seconds left on the clock and I attacked him as fast as I possibly could.

With all the difficulty in this game comes a great deal of frustration. Be ready to want to throw your PSP against the wall. However the bi-product of such a high level of frustration is some truly rewarding feelings of accomplishment. I still can’t believe I managed to beat this game and it feels good.

The boss battles both really fun and aggravating. Every boss has a unique pattern and announces their moves before they do them. So what it comes down to is memorizing the pattern and then not screwing up. Once you figure out that you can stomp on almost every bosses head to temporarily paralyze them the get a lot easier.

These girls seem to bounce/flop even when they are just standing

After you complete every stage there is a new platforming challenge in the Hub world. If you REALLY enjoy platforming challenges then you will most likely love this. It’s not a special mode or anything, just platforms above the hub world that you can jump on to climb to the top. Some of the final challenges will have to pulling out every trick in the book to get to the top, such as getting a running start and jumping at the last possible second only to barley grab the other platforms edge. I tried to do all of these but ended up giving up because I got too frustrated with the 2nd to last challenge.

This is the ground of the hub world where you fall to everytime you screw up the platforming challenge

Lasting Appeal
It took me around 7 hours to beat this game. If you are some sort of 2D platformer prodigy and you barley died then you could probably complete the game in a few hours. However if you are a normal or even a seasoned player like me expect to spend a lot of time re-trying the stages and bosses a lot.

The end of each stage ranks you on how well you did. My rank was ALWAYS a C, I assume because I died so much, so if you really like a challenge you can retry stages to shoot for a higher rank. I personally had no desire to go back and do this because I’m not a masochist, but if that’s your thing you may find a ton of replay value.

There is also some extra content unlocked after beating the game as well as some downloadable content. I was satisfied simply beating the game so I watched the DLC on Youtube for the story.

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed this game and liked how different it was from all the easy 2D platformers I’ve been playing my entire life. I definitely could not play a bunch of games like this because the amount of frustration it caused would make me go crazy.

I will warn you one more time, this is a very hard game. It’s difficulty is a strange choice considering Disgaea is a SRPG and that genre doesn’t require any reflex skill. If you don’t consider yourself very good a videogames then don’t buy Prinny CIRBTH, no matter how big of a Disgaea fan you are. However if you love 2D platoformers and are ready for a big challenge, give Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? a try.
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