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Magicbox Board Improvements. Suggestions?

I've taken the liberty of making such a thread, because we now have 3 brand new sparkly Admins, who actually post here and seem to give some sort of a crap to what goes on.
I also assume that with their new Admin powers, they can make any changes that a majority of the board wants, happen a bit swifter, instead of waiting 5 months or whatever to contact Admin himself.
So, if you have any suggestions, that don't include banning welshfreak ; ) drop them by and then there is at least, the slim hope of an Admin taking notice.


Personnally, I'd like to see the debate/community board merged, since debates happen there all the time; and since this thread will cause some debate anyway, IN the community board, then it just seems silly.

But anyways, over to you guys. I await Nindalf's sales pitch about merging into a GAF replicate.
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