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Indiegogo: Kenshi

I noticed this game a while back on Desura, an online games site that sells a shitload of amazing indie games mostly, and have been keeping my eye on it while the guy continues to work away. Squad based rpg in the vein of X-com, fallout etc. Looks pretty awesome, great potential. The other day I noticed he's put this up on the indiegogo site, which is very much like kickstarter. This is one of those games that totally deserves support and he always released alpha demos everytime he updates this or that while making it so you can see how its going. I've got my fingers crossed he finishes it and its as good as I'm hoping it will be.

Link to his website.

Also if you've never heard of Desura and you're curious about it, heres the link to go have a poke around. Seriously, there are some very very cool games over there.
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