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- At the investor conference, Square Enix's Yoichi Wada mentioned that the company is still hard at work on a follow up of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI.

- To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man in 2010, Namco Bandai confirmed that Sega's Yasuhara (level designer of Sonic the Hedgehog) will work on a Pac-Man game comeback.

- Sega has recently renewed the trademark of Jet Set Radio and Chu Chu Rocket in US, it is likely both games will appear on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN soon.

- Here are the preliminary software sales in Japan over the weekend:

  1. Biohazard 5 [Resident Evil 5] (PS3, Capcom) - 350,000
  2. The 7th Dragon (NDS, Sega) - 120,000
  3. Shin Sangoku Musou: MultiRaid [Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce] (PSP, Koei) - 86,000
  4. Biohazard 5 [Resident Evil 5] (360, Capcom) - 74,000
  5. Ryuga Gotoku 3 [Yakuza 3] (PS3, Sega) - 61,000
  6. Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! (NDS, Nintendo) - 41,000
  7. Super Robot Taisen Z Special Disc (PS2, Namco Bandai) - 33,000
  8. Aibou DS (NDS, Tecmo) - 23,000
  9. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G [PSP The Best] (PSP, Capcom) - 19,000
  10. Taiko no Tetsujin Wii (Wii, Namco Bandai) - 17,000

- Ubisoft announced that Ubisoft Shanghai will take over the development works for I Am Alive, the original developer Darkworks has finished its works.

X B O X   3 6 0

- RUMOR: Microsoft is planning to phase out the production of Xbox 360 Elite in Q2 2009, no more new orders of this model will be accepted at that time.

- Valve confirmed the first DLC of Left 4 Dead will be available on April 21, 2009, which will include a new versus mode and survival mode.

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