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Bethesda Softworks announced the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Expansion Packs "Dragonborn", "Hearthfire" and "Dawnguard" will arrive on PS3 and PC in February, all 3 packs will be 50% off during their launch week. Dragonborn will arrive on Feb 5, followed by the other two.

Japanese magazine GameLab reported a rumor that Capcom is currently porting Monster Hunter 4 to PS Vita, the Vita version is set to release simultaneously with the 3DS version in Japan this summer; and that was the reason of the delayed launch from March to summer, instead of further improve the quality of the game.

CVG reported a rumor that Sony will abandon the DualShock controller for the next generation console, based on info from a studio who is working on a next-gen title, the new controller will have biometric sensors and LCD touch screen that closely resemble the PS Vita. The DualShock controller can still be used as a secondary controller, much like the Wii Remote for Wii U.

Another rumor reported by VG247 on Sony's next-gen console is that it can process 1.84 teraflops per second, comparing to 1.23 teraflops for the next-gen Xbox console, which makes it 33% faster. In addition, next PS console will have 4GB memory and AMD A10 APU, as opposed to next Xbox's 8GB memory and Radeon HD 8770 GPU; and both systems will have 100GB Blu-ray disc support.

Here is a new preview trailer of Bandai Namco's Kamen Rider: Battride War for PS3, the game will launch in Japan on May 23.

Square Enix released new details on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, regarding to Lumina, Noel, Snow and the new costume system.....

Here are some new screen shots and preview video of Grasshopper's Killer is Dead, the game will be released in Japan this summer.....

Capcom announced the first costume pack for DmC Devil May Cry will arrive on Jan 30, for US$4.00 or 320 MSP. The costume pack will include Classic Dante, Dark Dante and Neo Dante outfits.

Square Enix released a new extended trailer of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII from Jump Festa, which shows Noel battling with Lightning.

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